Templar Tutti Frutti Beard Oil (30ml)


In ages past, brave Templars wandered the lonely deserts of the world, dreaming of the loved ones they left behind. The dunes sang songs to the pad of their feet; their only companions were the scorpion, the snake, the camel and the beetle. One dazzlingly bright afternoon, as the caress of a rare desert breeze wicked the sweat from his brow; one particularly battle-hardened nomad spied a miracle in the haze of the limitless horizon. A vast oasis, lined with fruit trees of unimaginable abundance. Gaia’s bounty, glistening and ripe, a treasure trove of sweet, juicy flesh buried deep within the countless miles of barren waste. The famished Templar ran headlong into the oasis, collapsing to the ground in a wave of ecstasy as a mouthwatering bouquet flooded his nostrils. For two nights he stayed there, basking in the shade of those heavenly trees, sampling the many natural wonders they brought forth. When he returned home; he retired from The Order indefinitely and devoted his golden years to recreating the wondrous scent of that remote paradise he had stumbled upon all those years ago. This new scent from The Bearded Gent pays hommage to his noble endeavours. An intoxicating blend of exotic fruits, with warm, sensual notes and essential oils to leave your beard healthy and shiny. Escape to your own secret oasis and let nature nurture your senses.


  • Beard Oil
  • 30ml of bottled Gentlemanly charm
  • Handmade using the finest products
  • The Templar has the benefit of speeding healing and soothing itching
  • Makes your beard softer than a maidens touch

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