10ml Viscount Vanilla & Mango Beard Oil


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Viscount Vermouth, was bored of the European social scene and sought exotic adventures in both Africa & India. The result was this new worldly blend of Vanilla & Mango, harmonised with oils that will condition your beard, leaving it as soft as the Viscount's himself.

Product Description

While being able to boast it’s level of Vitamin E, this product will nourish and hydrate your beard & skin,
while also cleansing & leaving you smelling fresh. The Viscount also has the benefit of speeding healing and soothing itching.
Once you have cleansed your face & beard, place 4-8 drops into your palms (or however much is required) & massage into the beard
and skin, you may also comb through if need be.
As with all items of this nature, test on a small inconspicuous area 24 hours before use, if irritation occurs discontinue use.
Do not drink!